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SIRIJAYA INDUSTRIES SDN BHD was established in 1983 specializing in the manufacture of plastic lamp-holder and started-holder for fluorescent light fittings. From its humble beginnings, with a built up area of 1,750 sq. feet and a workforce of 5 people, the factory started operation producing for the domestic market Continuing to establish a reputation for being one of the leading manufacturers of quality lamp and starter holders, Sirijaya enhanced its competitiveness by pursuing ISO 9000 and shifted to a new factory plant with a built up area of 83,000 sq. feet. SIRIJAYA entered into the manufacturing of Fluorescent Light Fitting during the early 1990s. In spite of the 1997 recession which engulfed the entire Asian region with an uncertain economic and political outlook, Sirijaya overcame these obstacles and rose to the challenge to seize the opportunities that came its way. As part of our growth strategy and in line with our expansion plan to meet the increasing market demand, we relocated to new facilities encompassing no less than 1 million sq. ft. land area. The new facility consolidated all the plants, processes, stores and hostels in to a single coherent location. This will create a more conducive working environment and upgraded living conditions for our employees. The experiences gained from manufacturing lamp-holders and starter-holder has well equipped Sirijaya in transforming and reengineering the manufacturing process. The transformation required restructuring of the production system to achieve higher productivity and cost effectiveness. In doing so, Sirijaya departed from its traditional production method and gradually deployed new highly advanced computerized manufacturing systems. In addition, to improve efficiency in light distribution, Sirijaya has increased its presence and involvement in planning and designing of lux level for new commercial building to save energy and reduce cost, thus creating a green environment and delivering greater tangible and intangible benefits to our customers. This is part of the added value that we offer to the whole supply chain.

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December 6, 2023
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